Additional Applications for Hosted Lync

LyncPartnerEcosystemMicrosoft has done a good job of providing a rich unified communications environment within Lync.  As such, most providers of hosted Lync use the full suite — voice, voice mail (with Exchange), conferencing, and video.  By offering these capabilities, you are able to meet the needs of the bulk of the market.  Forward looking hosting companies, however, are looking at additional applications in order to increase their revenue.  Possible additional applications are:

A full list of Lync 2013 compatible applications can be found on Microsoft Technet.  The key item to remember is by adding additional applications such as these, you can:

  1. Increase customer satisfaction by offering a complete solution to meet their communications needs
  2. Increase your revenue by increasing the size of your sale
  3. Provide a competitive advantage by offering a full suite of applications

In summary, as with any technology product, a large ecosystem has developed around Microsoft Lync.  This ecosystem of partners has products to solve every need.  Get close to the vendors, they can help you win more business.   What products have you seen a need for?


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