Recording in Medicine

hospitalA few posts ago I talked about Video recording for Telemedicine.  Well, there are a lot of other uses for Call and Video recording in the healthcare area.

Virtually every hospital consists of a number of contact centers.  Yes, they are not contact centers in the traditional way but they take calls from doctors and patients. All of the traditional reasons contact centers use recording still apply. They want to monitor calls, coach employees, and adhere to compliance regulations.  Some examples of “casual” contact centers in a hospital are:
  • Central Scheduling
  •  Pharmacies
  • Billing Departments

There are many more.  The key thing to remember is that each of these areas can use recording to:

  • Improve the quality of their service
  • Document key conversations for the medical (or billing) record
  • Protect from costly litigation

Are you using call recording to its fullest potential?  Let me know!

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