The Non-Contact Center Contact Center

Everyone is familiar with the traditional contact center.  Hundreds of people in a room on the phone 24 x 7.  It has been like this for years.  The key elements, from a telephony standpoint were:

  • A “Big Iron” contact center switch
  • A call recording system
  • A contact center reporting package

In some cases, this is still the case.  In others, telephony vendors are coming out with new solutions that eliminate the need for traditional contact centers entirely.  One such example is Lync Response Groups.

Telecom Reseller recently did an interesting case study that describes how the  Idaho Department of Labor connected 27 offices to answer phone calls. Instead of using a traditional call center, they used their existing offices to function as an ad-hoc call center.

I am seeing more and more of this.  Whether it be the hunt group enhancements in Cisco Unified Communications Manager version 9 or the enhanced response group capabilities in Lync, companies are able to do more and more without investing the major dollars in true contact center solutions.

The question remains how do you manage them??  Well, (another shameless plug) ISI Telemanagement Solutions offers tools to help you.  We offer enhanced hunt group (or response group) reporting that lets you better analyze your workloads.  We offer call recording for all users, not just contact center users.  And, our unique silent monitoring solution lets supervisors listen in on calls to ensure customer quality.

So, are you looking at a non contact center contact center?  Then contact me to see how to manage it.  (How many times can I say contact??)Image



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