Mitchell315089_4175986570622_670397937_n-1 Weiss

Director of Unified Communications Products for ISI Telemanagement Solutions

Mr. Weiss holds a Bachelor’s Degree Management Information Systems from the University of Illinois and a Masters in Business Administration/Telecommunications Management from the Stuart School of Business in Chicago.  He is an industry leader in all phases of managing Unified Communications.  Mr. Weiss is responsible for the vision, strategy, and implementation of a suite of Unified Communications products including Voice and Video Recording, SIP Trunk Management, and Traffic Management.  Mr. Weiss also brings his knowledge of Cloud Computing to ISI, allowing the company to create new cloud based models for its software and services.

Mr. Weiss has served as ISI’s Information Security office and is a Certified HIPAA Professional with five years experience in the areas of Information Security and HIPAA compliance.  He has spoken at numerous industry events and conferences on subjects such as SIP Conversion, HIPAA, and Unified Communications hosting.

Mr. Weiss may be contact at mweiss@isi-info.com


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